Seedlings and saplings for natural protection

Hedges make a great natural shelter for horses (and other animals!). It’s a good idea to plant new hedges along bare fence lines and add saplings into old ‘gappy’ hedges. Our Committee member, Belinda, has a few spare seedlings and small saplings of native hedge species (Hawthorn, Field Maple etc). Please call her (telephone number on the newsletter) or email if you would like to collect some from her home near South Petherton.

Volunteers Needed Compton Dundon [Edit] Postponed Until 6th March 2022

Would you like to help improve a new bridleway by helping to plant trees (small whips) in the Parish Council Allotment land between Peak Lane and Somerton Road. This will continue the new hedgeline which will delineate the boundary of the new permissive bridleway. 

The new green lane runs from the B3151 opposite L7/12 (Restricted Byway Touch Lane) through an existing vehicular access around the fields to Peak Lane by the southern end of Public Footpath L7/11.

Pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders will be able to cross the B3151 where there are clear sight lines and no longer need to travel along the road to/from the Peak Lane junction. 

For further details or to register your attendance please email

New permissive bridleway in Compton Dundon

Saving Swallows

Nancy (one of our members) was shocked to find that one of the two swallows nesting in her barn had become tangled and died in a loop of binder twine which was included in the nest.

Perhaps due to the dry spring, not enough mud was foundfor nest building.

So the message is, please collect and put away all the odd bits of twine from hay bales.

Swallows nesting in stables are precious to us.