Ride Entry Form

Terms and Conditions:

1. All those taking part in the ride must report to the Secretary before the start of the ride.

2. Riders must wear approved hard hats and boots for riding.

3. All horses and ponies must be at least four years old.

4. Children of twelve and under must be accompanied by an adult.

5. All those taking partin the ride must log in with the starter before setting off.

6. Dogs may not accompany riders and must be on leads in the parking area.

7. Due consideration must be shown for encountered livestock.

8. Those taking part in the ride should reportback in to the Secretary to return their numbered tabards and collect rosettes.

9. Those taking part in this ride do so entirely at their own risk.

10. Riders and others are asked to leave the venue tidy.

11. The organisers reserve the right to vary the routes if necessary.

12. Riders using unconventional tack may not be covered by SSBA’s arranged insurance.

By entering the ride, those taking part are deemed to have accepted these conditions. Riders are covered under BHS insurance arrangementsand the ride has veterinary support available on call.

The organisers, landowners and their tenants accept no liability for damage or injury to persons, animals or personal property, however caused.