SSBA Competition 2023

Win a bottle of Champagne, £50 and a year’s free subscription to SSBA.

We need you to submit your favourite riding route within South Somerset.

To include at least one bridleway, or if you are a carriage driver, a restricted byway.

There is no limit on distance or amount of off and on road riding.

Please include as much detail as possible. We suggest a map and/or path numb ers and a written description. Up to three photos (emailed seperately) would be a bonus.

Please ride or walk the route to check it is accessible before submitting your entry.

We will also put on offer a second bottle of Champagne, £50 and a year’s free subscription
to SSBA for the worst bridleway route you have ever come across, again in South Somerset.

This route may well be blocked or boggy or have terrible gates.

Again please submit as much information as possible.

Closing date 31st September 2023.

Open to members and non-members

There is no limit on the number of entries that you may submit.

Winners will be selected by a panel of committee members.

Please email your map and photos to