A Success Story

Order Made – Whitemoor Hill, Chaffcombe

In May 2008 the SSBA submitted an application to have the footpath over Whitemoor Hill in Chaffcombe recorded as a restricted byway.

In December 2015 the council agreed with our evidence and made an order to record the route as a restricted byway.

There was an objection from the serial objector and so some years later, in November 2023, the Planning Inspectorate called a hearing in Chard to decide the case.

A local resident then joined with the objectors, although he freely admitted that he knew horse riders had always used the route without challenge.

Now finally we have the result, which is a confirmation of the order.

There are now restricted byway rights recorded along Whitemoor Hill and there can be no challenge to anyone riding or carriage driving, or cycling, over Whitemoor Hill. The legal process does take such a long time. Nothing has changed on the ground, it is just the legal record which is has been amended.

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